Christopher Byers, AIA

Chris Byers has called Charlotte his home for 26 years and is now bordering on calling himself “from the area”. After growing up in small town Kent Ohio, Chris made the simple choice to go south for his college years. He claims his ticket out of the north was swimming as it allowed him the opportunity to choose a college that both had a swimming team that wanted him and a great architectural school. After completing his Bachelor of Architecture Chris settled in Charlotte - which was half way home to his native state. Forward 11 years to 1999, RBA was the next logical step in life. Chris now has grown the firm strategically through the years – each step calculated and contributing to the various chapters of the firm’s history. Chris is responsible for the overall direction and management of the company as it continues its smart growth toward the long term vision of RBA.

Chris has been known to getaway from the office to feed his love for the ocean. Whether it be a family trip to a warm beach, an open water sailing adventure, or an adrenaline filled day of kiteboarding, Chris is a strong believer that you must feed your heart’s calling with action. Chris shares his love of the ocean with his wife of 13 years and his 2 children.